Blue Conveyor Belts

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We help make it easier to buy the optimal blue conveyor belts for your  process.

Within the last 20-years or so, the color blue has taken the Food Grade Conveyor Belt world by storm. Why? The answer is simple: Blue doesn’t occur naturally in any foods, making it extremely easy to spot if a small piece ends up in your product. Blue conveyor belts are used in nearly every food processing application due to the color looking cleaner, longer. Blue Conveyor Belts reflect light differently than white conveyor belts do, which in turn makes it much easier for line workers to distinguish the belt from your conveyed product.

Blue Conveyor Belt
Blue Conveyor Belts

The most common industries Blue Conveyor Belts are used in are:

  • Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
  • Fresh-cut, Fruit, and Vegetable
  • Bakery
  • Confectionary
  • Dairy
Blue Conveyor Belt
Blue Conveyor Belts
Blue Conveyor Belts
Blue Conveyor Belt

Hughes Industrial Sales has access to all types of replacement Blue Conveyor Belts, allowing us to meet your exact needs and supply you with the best belt for your conveyor. We have the capabilities to customize your belt to include flights/cleats, guides, sidewalls, edge-capping, and different joining methods. Some of the most common Blue Conveyor Belt types are

  • Blue Plastic Modular
  • Blue PVC and Urethane Coated Fabric Belts
  • Blue Homogenous Solid Surface Plastic Belts
  • Blue Polyester Filter Mesh/Dewatering Belts

Hughes Industrial is the best resource to help you find the best Replacement Blue Conveyor Belt for your application.

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