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Carpet Curing Belts

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Our team has 30+ years of experience with carpet curing belts.  Call us and we will supply you with the best carpet curing belts for your process.

During the manufacture of carpeting and floor mats, carpet curing belts are used during the cooling of the carpet when the fibers and base are cooling. The carpet base material is a rubbery material and tends to stick to the carpet curing belt unless there is a high release coating on the belt. Frequently we use PTFE as the high release coating on these belts.

The carpet curing belts offered through Hughes Industrial Sales are heavy duty, with different options for different textures different belts leave specific imprints on the cured rubber. The belts are textured and coated with PTFE to ensure the rubber does not stick.

Carpet Curing Belts at Hughes Industrial Sales

Carpet Curing Belts

Carpet Curing Belts

PTFE heat sealers can be used onsite to join the belt ends. This method gives the end user the option to install their own belts. In-house ability to install and repair belts greatly reduces potential down time for the end user.

These materials are also used as press release sheets. These sheets are supplied in custom sizes per the customer’s specific requirements for their specific application. These carpet curing belts are available in a wide variety of thicknesses, textures, and grades from mechanical to premium.

Carpet Curing Belts

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