PTFE Carpet Back Curing

Carpet Curing Belts

Hughes Industrial Sales offers a range of closed weave PTFE coated carpet curing belts for use in the production of carpet tiles and synthetic rubber backed carpets.

This style of belting is usually at the heavier duty end of the range of the materials we offer and have a textured surface that creates a dimpled effect on the surface of the rubber it cures. Although textured, the surface has a smooth non-stick PTFE coated surface.

These PTFE belts vary in widths and lengths allowing for high volume production. The belts can be joined on site with the aid of a PTFE heat sealer. This method gives the end user the option to install their own belts. In-house ability to install and repair belts greatly reduces potential down time for the end user.

These materials are also used as press release sheets. These sheets are supplied in custom sizes per the customer’s specific needs for their specific application. They are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and grades from mechanical to premium.

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