Contact Grill Belting

Contact Grill Belting

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A contact grill belt is also known as a clamp grill belt. The contact grill belt allows for heat up to 500° Fahrenheit to pass through the top and bottom of the desired meat simultaneously, cooking it evenly all the way through. The meat is fed onto the belt at one end and cooks as it passes through the continuous contact grilling process.

Hughes Industrial supplies many types, of grill belts.

It is important to have the proper contact grill belt (clamp grill belt) to ensure optimal heat transfer and restrict excessive height expansion while cooking.

Please call in and one of our teammates will gather your specifications and provide the optimal belt of the correct thickness for your process.

The lengths of the top and bottom belts differ.  The bottom belt is longer than the top belt. Having the different sizes allows for an in-and-out feed, where your product can be placed and removed easily and make your production run smoothly.

Hughes Industrial also supplies hygienic conveyor belts and drives with many easy to clean design features.  Please ask us about hygienic conveyors if you want to make your process faster and easier to clean.

Contact Grill Belting from Hughes Industrial Sales

These grill belts are made by coating a glass cloth with high-quality PTFE and a laminated film surface. Hughes Industrial Sales has a variety of different materials and thickness options to meet our cutomer’s needs. Chicken, bacon, and beef are common examples of what can be cooked using grill belts.

Call with questions about Contact Grill Belting.