Dryer Belts

Dryer Belts

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We have an experienced team available to make it easy to specify and order the optimal dryer belts.

Hughes Industrial Sales provides dryer belts made of Open Mesh PTFE coated fiberglass. These belts offer excellent release and heat resistance. Applications include screen print and non-woven textile dryers, shrink wrap tunnels, heat setting of synthetic yarns and many more. We supply these belts for use in extruded rubber production, too, when the application calls for open mesh dryer belts.

PTFE Dryer Belt Openings and Coatings

PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts are available in different size openings and colors to suit your specific application. The sizes of openings for PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts range from 1x1mm to 6x6mm with different materials and colors available. Hughes Industrial can help you source your replacement PTFE Mesh Dryer Belt to the exact length, width, edge, and splice. PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts can come in the following coatings…

  • PTFE Coated Aramid
  • PTFE Coated Fiberglass
  • PTFE Coated Aramid and Fiberglass
  • Uncoated Polyester mesh

PTFE Mesh Dryer Belt Edging

All PTFE Mesh Dryer belts have an edging on the belt to help keep the belt square and possibly support a tracking guide. Edging on PTFE Mesh Dryer belts comes in a variety of options. These options are PTFE Film, Sealed Edge, Sewn and Sealed Edge, or Sewn Only edges.

PTFE Mesh Dryer Belt Splices

Peek Spiral Lace-Dryer Belt
Peek Spiral Lace-Dryer Belt
Splice Dryer Belt
Splice Dryer Belt

Hughes Industrial can make sure to get you the best splice needed for your belt based on your application. If you aren’t sure what splice you have, please give us a call so we can help you choose the best possible splice. Splice options Hughes Industrial Sales can offer for your replacement Dryer Belt are…

  • Alligator Lace (with optional cover flap)
    Alligator vs. Clipper PTFE Mesh Lace

    Alligator vs. Clipper PTFE Mesh Lace

  • Clipper Lace
  • Soft Seal
  • Peek Spiral Lacing
  • Fabric Pin Splice/Castellated

PTFE Mesh Dryer Belt Tracking

Some PTFE Mesh Dryer Belts have tracking guides to insure they run straight. Tracking guides are more common in longer belts, as they tend to “walk” more than shorter belts. Tracking options Hughes Industrial Sales can supply you with are…

  • Silicone Edge
  • Domes/Dot Edge
  • Grommets
  • Aramid Cord

UV Dryer Belts

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