Tortilla Press Belts

Tortilla Press Belts

Tortilla presses are generally simple in design and use continuous PTFE tortilla press belts.  A hot platen compresses the dough on a PTFE belt to create the tortilla crust.

The non-stick belts usually used on these presses are either conventional PTFE coated glass cloth types or a laminated film version.  Laminated film surface belting is much more abrasion resistant and can last much longer in these applications.

PTFE flour tortilla belts are either supplied with a mechanical splice or endless.  The customer can also opt to install the belts endless with their own PTFE belt welder.

We can supply flour tortilla press belts with metal tabs on each edge of the belt.  The metal tabs allow the belt to be electronically indexed.  Please call us with the details of your flour tortilla press if you want to pursue this option.

Tortia Press Belts

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