Tortilla Press Belts

Tortilla Press Belts

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Tortilla Press Belts from Hughes Industrial Sales

Tortilla presses are generally simple in design and use continuous PTFE tortilla press belts. A hot platen compresses the dough on a PTFE belt to create the tortilla crust.

These belts are either a non-stick laminated film or a non-stick PTFE coated glass cloth. Using laminated film belting is much more resistant to abrasion and can last significantly longer in the Tortilla Press application.

PTFE tortilla press belts can be supplied endless or with a mechanical splice, depending on your needs. The customer can also choose to install the belts endless with their personal PTFE belt welder.

Hughes Industrial Sales can supply the tortilla press belt with indexing tabs on both edges of the belt, which allows for the belt to be electronically indexed, telling the belt when to start and stop.

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