Hemp Processing Belts and Components

Hemp Processing Belts and Components

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The Hughes Industrial Team Designs and Supplies Hemp Processing Belts and Equipment to Hemp Processors at the best price possible.

Please call in and let us design and supply the equipment to grow your efficiency, consistency and capacity.

With the hemp processing industry exploding, Hughes Industrial Sales has begun to better understand the different hemp processing belts and equipment needed. We have helped develop custom made conveyors and hemp separators to supplement other processes growers and processors may already have. Many of the conveyors we have helped construct are made of all stainless steel, with no hollow tubing. This decreases the available harborage points and possible places for contamination. Our goal is to help you save money, time, and increase efficiency, while still offering the best available products for your hemp process.

Importance of Hygiene and Cleanability of Equipment

We understand the need for hygiene and cleanability of all processing related equipment to the hemp industry, and we have a wide array of solutions available to help satisfy your needs. Hughes Industrial Sales has an extensive selection of food grade belts that meet FDA requirements. The three main groups of belts we recommend for the hemp industry are Fabric Reinforced, Monolithic, and Modular belting. These options give you several ways to customize your hemp process. With access to state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities, we can assure you receive some of the best food grade hemp belts available. Moreover, we can help provide any transfer belts for your hemp flower separation process, while continuing to meet your standards. All of our belts are custom made to fit your exact needs, so you can be sure you will receive the best possible belt for your process. In the chart below, you will see some key advantages of these three types of belts.

Types of Hemp Processing Belts and Components

Advantages of the three types of conveyor belts.

Conveyor Belt Fabrication Capabilities

Our fabrication capabilities include corrugated side walls, thermogenic RF welded cleats, and edge capping. Consider using edge capped PVC or PU belts that eliminate fabric fray on belt edges. Edge Capping encapsulates the fabric of PVC and PU so the edges cannot fray. Exposed fabric on belt edges can potentially wick in liquids or hemp residue, and provide an ideal place for bacteria to live. For incline hemp belt applications, consider Thermogienic Flights. These flights are RF welded to the base belt and are much easier to clean.  The flights do not have any harborage points because they are designed to be seamless and have a rounded top. These options are instrumental in maintaining the cleanliness many hemp processors require, while keeping the cleaning easy, effective, and efficient.

Hemp Processing Belts and Components

Conveyor Drive Components

Along with the belts, our conveyor drive components are second to none. We offer motorized pulleys, sprockets, and food grade sanitary drives. Consider replacing conventional motors and gearboxes with self-contained drum motors or motorized pulleys on your conveyors.  These eliminate grease, bearings, chains and drip pans. For hemp belt sprockets, consider using sprockets made of Acetal. Acetal is wear-resistant, strong and the easiest to clean.  Acetal is a better choice than nylon for sprockets since nylon material is weaker and can potentially absorb water during your cleaning procedures. You should also consider replacing keyed square shafts and individual sprockets with one-piece Sanitary Drives. Sanitary Drives are easier to clean, offer full width belt engagement, and there are no individual parts to potentially break off and contaminate your product.

Custom Conveyors, Hemp Separators, Inside Processing Operations, Outside Processing Operations

Hughes Industrial Sales has been instrumental in solving conveying solutions within the hemp processing industry, ranging from custom conveyors, hemp separators, and more. Whether you have an inside or outside processing operation, we can help provide you a solution. We have helped develop a process for an outside application that needs to withstand the outside elements that may occur. Additionally, we have developed a conveyor system to transport product from a metal detector to a hammermill, while maintaining the required hygiene standards for the hemp industry.

Hughes Industrial Sales

Hughes Industrial Sales is an American company which was established in 1979. We are a supplier of high temperature belting and hygienic conveyor equipment. We also specialize in PTFE coated belting, tapes and fabrics. In addition to PTFE, we supply high-temperature and/or non-stick coated materials for specific applications.