PTFE Belting for Poultry

Increasing Conveyor Belt Life for a Poultry Processor

Jake HughesCase Studies

Challenge: Our client had problems with belt life and belt tracking. We addressed this issue by providing a laminated version of a PTFE coated fiberglass belt. The customer achieved 20% longer life due to these changes. Additionally, we provided a superior tracking system that allowed for more precise changes to enable a more accurate tracking solution.

Increasing Conveyor Belt Life for a Poultry Processor

Impact for the Customer: The customer immediately achieved longer belt life, which resulted in less downtime. Once the tracking problems were solved, the customer benefited from our suggestion for better belt material. The result was a happy customer and Hughes Industrial becoming a long-term resource for this end-user by accurately and effectively resolving their challenges.

Relationship Growth: As a vendor, Hughes Industrial concentrates on specific applications in the plant, using our knowledge to assist the customer. This allows us to be a continual resource for our customer instead of only being perceived as a vendor.

Advantage for the Customer: Initially, we provided trial pricing of our belting material for our customer to evaluate. Once approved, we trained the entire staff of maintenance personnel on the changes made to the grill, and we continue to provide ongoing support as needed.

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