Fruit and Vegetable Conveyor Belt

Fruit and Vegetable

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SS Wire Mesh Belt

Snack Foods

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Poultry Further Processing Conveyor Belt

Meat Poultry Seafood

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Rubber Extrusion Conveyor Belt

Rubber Extrusion

Rubber extrusion and curing ovens utilize either PTFE or silicone belts to carry the rubber straight from the extrusion head through the curing oven. Our specialty non-stick heat-resistant PTFE belts ...
Conveyor Belting for Carpet Manufacturing

Carpet Manufacturing

Hughes Industrial Sales offers porous PTFE belts that are used to apply synthetic rubber backing to carpeting. Our PTFE-coated fiberglass conveyor belts convey the uncured synthetic rubber backing through the ...
Non Stick Fabric for Vinyl Window Welding

Vinyl Window Manufacturing

UPVC welding is commonly used in the manufacturing of vinyl windows and doors. Vinyl Window Manufacturing involves bonding together two pieces of a frame by melting the adjoining ends. Our ...