Drum Motors and Rollers

Drum Motors and Rollers

Hughes Industrial Sales provides drum motors and rollers that are hands down the most efficient and cost-effective way to drive a conveyor belt.  They are, by far, the most sanitary belt drive available for food processing.

Drum motors use less energy than traditional belt drives.  Less energy is utilized for the same performance, which benefits the environment, saves money, and is more efficient.  A motorized pulley transfers up to 97% of the power used to the belt.  Traditional drives only transfer approximately 75%.

The installation of drum motors and rollers is quite simple.  The shafts of the unit are mounted into two blocks that are bolted to your conveyor frame.  The design of the conveyor and assembly is much faster and there are fewer items to specify, which is more cost-effective.  Drum motors are very compact and take up less space while offering a much safer design with fewer moving parts.

Drum motors welcome the challenges of the toughest operating environments.  The presence of water, dust, chemicals and the like are not a problem for the enclosed motor.  They are even designed to withstand high pressure wash-down procedures commonly used by food processors.

Drum Motors and Rollers

Drum Motors are designed to be maintenance free.  The internal components are completely sealed from the environment.  The internal components are completely sealed from the environment.  There are many examples of motorized pulleys that have run for years in extreme environments without any downtime or maintenance.

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