Heat Sealer Fabric

Heat Sealing Accessories

Heat sealing accessories are designed specifically for the field installation and repair of belts. These are high temperature heat sealers designed for use with PTFE coated fabric materials. Tacking irons are designed to be “plug and play” and will achieve the proper sealing temperature for PTFE without the need for a temperature controller.

Our belt repair kit contains everything needed to repair PTFE coated conveyor belts and PTFE coated fabric products.

Included is a lightweight sealing iron with a 3-inch diameter sealing head, a high temperature mineral board work surface, a variety of patching materials and an instruction manual. This product is only recommended for applying small patches to PTFE coated materials. This tool is not recommended for the heat sealing of full width seams.

We also stock 2 mil and 5 mil splicing film to facilitate a perfect splice every time.

Please call if you have questions about heat sealing accessories.