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Belting for the Flexible Packaging IndustryPTFE coated tapes, fabrics, and belting for use in the flexible packaging industry. This is one of the earliest applications for PTFE coated fabrics and tapes. The process of making polyethylene bags involves taking extruded polyethylene film and forming it into the size and desired shape. These machines typically use either a heated blade or a series of 2-ply PTFE conveyor belts to accomplish the heat seal. Some applications include secondary steps to incorporate zippered closures or other required bag properties. PTFE coated products are used to assist with the heat sealing and protect the heat sealing elements. Our PTFE products are excellent for use in plastic bag manufacturing, form fill and seal machines, side sealers, shrink wrap tunnels, and impulse/L-bar sealers. Contact us today for any of your flexible packaging needs.

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