PTFE Belting

PTFE Belting

Our PTFE belting is specifically engineered to maximize conveyor belt life, while minimizing down time in the most demanding belting environments. These fabrics are manufactured from PTFE coated woven fiberglass. These belts provide an extremely smooth, non-stick surface, excellent release and resist oils, grease and chemicals. Our proprietary coatings were developed to prevent wicking of oils and greases into the belt carcass, while offering superior durability. These fabrics are excellent for use in the most challenging applications, such as high temperature grill belts and press belts. They provide unmatched product release for sticky or gummy products.

PTFE is a desired material for many applications because of near-perfect chemical resistance properties, severe temperature stability, and non-stick capability. PTFE, however, is generally weak and requires a reinforcement material. Fiberglass is a common reinforcement used with PTFE since it is a cost-effective material with high temperature capability. PTFE is usually applied to fiberglass using a dip-coating process. Dip-coated PTFE materials have been used for years in many different applications including food processing and conveyor belting.

To improve the performance of dip-coated materials, PTFE films are laminated to PTFE dip-coated surfaces.

A PTFE film laminate consists of PTFE films that have been laminated to a PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. While some PTFE coated products can perform adequately in the demanding conditions, overwhelming evidence has shown that a PTFE film laminate provides the best long-term protection for the fiberglass reinforcement.

Surface cracks in PTFE coatings permit harmful fluids to penetrate into the fiberglass substrates. These cracks are totally unavoidable in any PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. When a PTFE film is laminated to a PTFE coated surface, the surface cracks remain sealed for the life of the product.

The overall porosity and permeation properties in PTFE film laminates will be lower than those found in PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics. Additionally, the laminated PTFE film ensures that the composite maintains a uniform PTFE thickness over the entire surface. The tough PTFE film barrier makes cleaning easier and eliminates any concern for the thin coating area found in all PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics.

We will help you find the PTFE belting material that offers the perfect amount of heat transfer whether you are looking for product browning or trying to achieve faster cook times. Ask us about our trial belt offer for first-time customers!

We offer a variety of splicing solutions to meet your needs such as precision-cut prepared ends for field overlap splice, hinges made of reinforced fabric, or stainless steel belt lacing.

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