Ptfe Tapes

PTFE Tapes

PTFE coated fiberglass tapes are very temperature resistant and offer excellent release. We offer tear resistant PTFE tapes used in a variety of manufacturing processes. For example, these PTFE tapes are used to cover straight or curved seal bars for food products, for tool and mold release, in baking applications, welding seams of a variety of materials, and for roll coverings. They are available with high temperature silicone or acrylic adhesive backing. We stock PTFE tapes with or without a liner in 36 yard rolls or custom sizes as required. We offer all mil thicknesses and everything from industrial grade to premium Grade PTFE tapes to give you the best and most cost effective solution for your application.

PTFE Industrial Grade Tape Industrial tapes incorporate the strength, durability, and unparalleled chemical resistance of high density PTFE and UHMW-PE with compatible proprietary adhesive formulations. These products feature the outstanding characteristics needed to solve industries most demanding problems such as noise, abrasion, and friction.

PTFE Primary Grade Tape Primary grade tapes are fiberglass fabric impregnated with a PTFE dispersion and coated with a high temperature, pressure sensitive, silicone adhesive. It is frequently used by the packaging industry as a release surface on heat sealers, blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment. The silicone adhesive is ideal for easy release and minimal adhesive residue.

PTFE Food and Medical Grade Tape Virgin PTFE is FDA and USDA compliant, clean and will not support bacterial or microbes growth. Its anti-stick and high temperature capabilities make it a premium choice of material in the food processing industry. It is often utilized in conveyor systems, guide rails, as a table top and throughout the baking processes.

PTFE High Performance tape These PTFE tapes are engineered to provide excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining the existing properties of the PTFE coating. Our high performance products show their true value by extending the life of our product, and decreasing downtime. Customers using our PTFE high performance products are seeing significant increases in product life compared to competitive premium products.

PTFE Tapes

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