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We Make Finding OEM Replacement Slicer Belts Easier.

We have Slicer belts in stock! Hughes Industrial is the company to call for replacement belts for any of your slicer replacement belts. Please call in to confirm the specifications and part number. We currently stock two different options in our office for your convenience. If you are not sure which slicer machine you have, or if you have a non-standard and/or modified machine, please call!

Slicer belts are very common in the Fresh-cut, Fruit, and Vegetable Industry, allowing processors to feed the slicer machines they use during production. Hughes Industrial Sales stocks certain slicer belts for immediate shipment and your convenience.

51104 Urschel Belts
Part Number 51004
Replacement Urschel Belt
OEM Urschel Slicer Belts

Conveyor Belt Pulley and Roller Repair and Relagging

At Hughes Industrial Sales we can strip and re-lag your pulleys with many different materials. We offer FDA White Nitrile, Black Nitrile, Hypalon, and Urethane.

We offer a variety of durometers, finishes (ground smooth, crepe finish, etc.) and thicknesses. V-grooves and other grooves are available for tracking and channeling out water. Our lagging has an extremely sanitary design – having no seams that could potentially trap contaminants, leading to better sanitation in your facility.

We can also perform any repairs to the rollers as needed, such as repairing the shafts. Give us a call today with any questions regarding having your pulleys repaired, re-lagged, or re-worked.

OEM Replacement Urschel Slicer Belts
Relagged Slicer Roller
Slicer Roller Relagged
Slicer Belt for Fruits and Vegetables

Call for help with slicer belts.